Academic Evaluation - Examination

Depending on the Credit Hours of a course, any or all of the following exams are conducted for evaluating the performance of student. Examination Hall COBS

Evaluation of Course Work in CBCS

Different type of tests which will be employed are described below:

Hourly Examination: As the name implies, it is a written test lasting for about an hour. The date and syllabi of the subject to be covered in the test shall be announced at least one week in advance. Normally the hourly examination shall be over by the sixth week of the semester. This examination shall be held by the Instructor concerned from 9.00AM to 10.00AM on the scheduled date.
Mid-term Examination: On completion of tenth week of the semester, there shall be an examination in each course lasting for atleast one and half hour, but not more than two hour. This examination shall be scheduled by the Dean concerned during each semester and shall be centrally conducted. The syllabi of the subject to be covered therein shall be announced by the Instructor to the students at least one week before the start of the examination.
Tutorial: A core or elective course having no practical will have Tutorials of one credit of two contact hours and will consist of quizzes, solving problems, clarifying conceptual difficulties, delivering seminar, making presentations, home assignments, discussions, articulating alternative points of view, encouraging creative thought and application, etc. These factors will be taken as the criteria for the award of marks for tutorials.
Assignment: It will consist of seminar, home assignments, discussions, etc. and it will be the criteria for award of marks for Assignments in Ability Enhancement Compulsory (AEC) and Skill Enhancement (SE) courses.
Practical Examination: All practical examinations shall normally be completed before the commencement of the End-of-term examination. However, the dates for practical examination of core and elective courses will be announced by the Dean concerned. In case of other type of courses like Skill Enhancement (SE) and General Interests/Hobby (GI), the practical examination shall be conducted by the Instructor during the practical period.
End-of-term Examination: Towards the end of the semester there shall be one examination in each course, which shall be of three hours and shall cover the entire syllabi of the course. This examination shall be centrally conducted as per the schedule notified by the Dean concerned.

The marks obtained are added and the result is compiled as per the guidelines of academic regulations of the University by the office of the Registrar, CSKHPKV, Palampur.

Students are requested to get in touch with their respective advisor for any clarifications about the Evaluation and Grading System followed in the College.