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Last Updated: February 22, 2018

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Department of Agricultural Biotechnology established on 15th Jan, 2009 owes its origin to the erstwhile Biotechnology Centre which came into existence in the year 1991 and later renamed as Advanced Centre of Hill Bioresources & Biotechnology in 2002. The department runs M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology program with financial support from Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. This program has collaboration with Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR), Palampur for the purpose of teaching activities.



Erstwhile Programme Directors of DAB

Dr. B.M. Singh               (14-09-1990 to 30-11-2000)

Dr. G.S. Sethi                (01-12-2000 to 05-07-2002)

Dr. S.K. Sharma             (06-07-2002 to 24-06-2005)

Dr. S.R. Thakur              (25-06-2005 to 05-06-2009)



Head (Regular)

Dr. T.R. Sharma              (27-11-2014 to 15-05-2017)

Dr. P.K. Mehta                (16.05.2017 to  29.08.2017)



Head (Acting)

Dr. S.R. Thakur               (06-06-2009 to 30-04-2011 )

Dr. T.R. Sharma              (02-05-2011 to 19-02-2014)

Dr. Satish Paul                (20-02-2014 to 26-11-2014 )



Dr. H.K. Chaudhary    

(30.08.2017 to ...)